Helping Your Local Business Grown With Local Online SEO



You are probably overwhelmed and have exhausted yourself starting your own online business, let alone even begin to think about how you are going to get people to walk through the doors. I know the feeling, years of planning, preparation, and opening up shop getting everything just right down to the last detail, only to have a few flies and ants keeping me company.

We are going to focus here on ways you can churn up business online through referrals and organic traffic by marketing yourself through certain channels you might not have been aware of.

Here are a few examples of which we used that were helpful, free, and super easy to set up.


Remember those giant books they would drop off at your door step every few months that were gargantuan in size? Well due to trees, conservation, and such they are now doing this online. Time tested, true, and reputable, Yellowpages is a great cheap and easy resource to go and list your business for people to start finding it.


Yelp is amazing and offers a place for customers to leave reviews. Add photos, stories, and a little more about yourself here on yelp. I once was doing business research and consultation for a local travel agency. They asked what they could start doing to generate some traffic. I mentioned Yelp. In fact I stated that it was free, everyone uses it time to time, and they should start by listing their business there. We parted ways. Months later the person asked me again the same question. They were having trouble generating leads for their business. I responded with the question of did they get any spark from Yelp. They did not go through it the five minutes it takes, and thus gained nothing from it and were still in the same spot. Sometimes you just can not help people who do not want to be helped. So get on Yelp!

Google + for business

Google the mighty search engine king. Why would you not want to be listed on their own business page. They love local commerce and have an amazing section for you to input all of your great info, with quality photos of your store and products. These services require you to add your official business address ( physical ) and wait for a card to arrive in the mail. Once this card arrives generally 3-5 business days it contains a code that you must go back and input to register your business. It just is a precaution and failsafe to prove that you are who you say you are. Imagine all the chaos that could run amuk if you could register your competitors businesses then mark them as closed… hhmmm.. OK anyways back on track check out their great service and get added right away.


The Better Business Bureau is still alive and kicking folks. And is very accredited. New business owners should register immediately and get that juice flowing. Nothing says reputable business like being a proud member of this timeless establishment.

These are just a few examples to help you on your way and hopefully get the creative thoughts churning on kickstarting your traffic. Hope you enjoyed the write up and good luck.


Source by Ariana Deats