Egomall Android Gamepad Wireless Game Controller Bluetooth Joypad with Joystick for Android 2.3+ Smart Phones/ Tablets/ TV boxes


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This S5 gamepad is a upgrade version of the T3 controller. Based on those reflections from our customers, the manufacturer has improved the manufacturing procedure and added the module to support Apple IOS devices. Wider application and more functional at the same price.

HID protocol for data transmission. Compatible with devices run Android 3.2 and above, IOS 9.2 and above. Also can be used for PC games.

4 working modes design, Gamepad, Mouse Multimedia, iCade and IOS third-party operating. The iCade and IOS third-party operating is only available for IOS devices.
If the gamepad pairs with your device correctly but doesnot work(no action when press buttons), please press the GEN GAME button to switch working mode accordingly.

Few customers reply that it is not so clear to establish the Bluetooth connection. We detailed step by step below. Hope it helps.

Bluetooth Connected
1. Press GEN GAME + X for 5 seconds to activate Gamepad mode.
2. Press GEN GAME + Y for 5 seconds to activate IOS third-party operating.
3. Press GEN GAME + B for 5 seconds to activate iCade mode.

The 4 led indicators(mode indicators) will flash at the same time when pressing the above buttons. Then the gamepad is ready to map. Once the connection is created, the mode indicator( one of the four leds) will stay on.

4. For connecting to the last device, just shortly press the GEN GAME button.
5. The mode indicator will slowly flash when get charged and it will stay on for fully charging.
4. The mde indicator will flash when the gamepad in low power.
5. Press GEN GAME button for 5 seconds to power off gamepad in working.
6. Indicators will slowly flash for 60 seconds and then power off if no connection established.
7. If there is no action when connection is established, gamepad will power off after 5 minutes.

Package List
1x Gamepad
1x USB cable
1x ManualCompatible Devices: Win PC, Android 3.2 above devices(TV box, tablet, cellphone ect.) and IOS9.2 and above devices.
Multi-function: single handle, mouse multimedia, iCade and IOS 3rd(eg. XinYou)
Fine dual analog joystick, precise cross key and 14 action buttons, ergonomic design, comfortable keys feel.
Stable bluetooth connection with a range of 10m.
Optional Connection: bluetooth or usb cable wired