Airfox GS2000 — Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse — 3,200DPI Sensor, Seven Color Soothing LED — Comfortable Grip — High Quality Popular Gaming Mouse


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AIRFOX FOX KING Gaming Mouse » New Upgrade » !!!
New Design, New Optical engine, New Gaming chip, New High quality Wire rod, Counterweights Optimised ,Comfortable palm feeling, Simple to use -just «plug and play». High Quality Popular Gaming Mouse.

Quick Application Guide

• Ergonomic:Yes
• Material:ABS + UV
• Resolution:800/1600/2500/3200 adjustable DPI
• Backlight LED:Seven color (Blue,Yellow,Pink,Red,Sky Blue,Green,White)
• Optical Engine:Invisible light sensor
• Rate of return:1000Hz
• Image processing:6400 FPS
• Max. speed: 60 inch per second
• Max. acceleration: 20G
• Size:125(L)*74(W)*40(H) mm + / — 0.5 mm

System Requirements
Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista
Mac OS and other USB Port

Package Contents
Pro Gaming Mouse
Quick start guide

Note: AIRFOX «FOX KING» is not a programable mouse , so the buttons cannot be programmed. No driver need to install.Perfectly designed to fit snugly under your palm, the ergonomic shape of the Airfox Fox King gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most testing of battles.
The Airfox Fox King is equipped with a 3,200dpi optical sensor. It is capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 60 inches per second and 20g acceleration.
Whether your playing at fast or low speeds, the Fox King will always respond onscreen with exacting accuracy and the organic fluidity only possible with an optical sensor.
The Fox King invisible light sensor (6400 FPS image processing speed) is also capable of tracking Z-axis to as low as 1mm on most surfaces including glass table tops. This is perfect for low — sense gamers who want to set tracking to cut-off as soon as they lift their mice.
6-buttons for superior productivity and efficiency; Simple to use -just «plug and play». No additional software or firmware required.